12 Best Movies To Watch While Expecting

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Towards the end of your pregnancy, you may find yourself with a lot of time on your hands. As you sit and wait for your baby, with your nursery fully prepped and organized, your house deep cleaned, and post-baby meals in the freezer, now it’s time to relax!

You’ll LOVE watching these motherhood-related movies as you look forward to having a little one of your own very soon. Here are my top 12 picks for movies to watch while you’re expecting.

Grab your popcorn, and let's get started!

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1. What To Expect When You’re Expecting

This hilarious 2012 film follows the pregnancy journeys of several expectant couples, revealing just how different the pathway to baby can be for different women. Based on the pregnancy elements described in the famous book by Heidi Murkoff, this movie brings all those pregnancy symptoms and events to life in a very entertaining way.

2. Where The Heart Is

After a pregnant teenage girl is abandoned by her deadbeat boyfriend, she has no choice but to live in a Wal-Mart store until giving birth to her baby there. Thankfully, she and her new baby are taken in by a kind couple and given a chance at one day having the wonderful life they deserve.

3. Life As We Know It

An unforeseen tragedy brings a baby’s godmother and godfather together to raise her, even though neither of them know the first thing about parenting. They struggle to get along for the sake of the sweet baby entrusted to their care, and discover that she is the greatest gift either of them have ever received.

4. Baby Mama

A successful, single business woman decides she’d like to have a baby, so she hires a surrogate mother. Little does she know that this surrogate mom is going to need a place to stay, and end up moving herself in. The two women do their best to coexist until the baby arrives, creating many comedic moments along the way.

5. Knocked Up

After a one-night stand results in an unexpected pregnancy, the parents-to-be decide to give their relationship a chance. They are unsure if they’re prepared for what lies ahead, or if their relationship will stand the ultimate test of parenting.

6. Riding In Cars With Boys

When a 15-year-old girl gets pregnant, her whole world is turned upside down. While this movie isn’t your typical, light-hearted pregnancy film, it does reveal the difficult aspects of life that can play into a child’s entrance into the world and upbringing that follows. It reveals the importance of finding yourself in your own unique journey through motherhood.

7. Friends With Kids

A long-time friend group starts to change when most of them start having kids. The only two childless friends in the group decide that they’d like to have a child, as well, but without the stresses of a relationship to go along with it. So, they embark on the journey of becoming co-parents, sharing the child between the two of them with no other strings attached. Over time, though, they realize there may be something more between them.

8. Steel Magnolias

A Southern, small town beauty shop is the heart of this film. A young, Diabetic woman who is a regular at the beauty shop gets married and then wants to have a baby. Even though she knows there are great risks that come with getting pregnant as a Diabetic, her desire to be a mother outweighs her fears. This film will have you laughing, crying, and marvelling at the magnitude of a mother’s love.

9. Cheaper By The Dozen

This funny film follows the story of a couple who have 12 children, move them to a new place, and then suddenly have their careers take off. When Mom goes on a business trip, Dad is left to manage the whole household on his own, resulting in complete chaos.

10. Mr. Mom

When a father of 3 loses his job, his wife goes back to work, and he then becomes the primary caregiver for the kids. As this couple navigate their new roles, they gain a greater sense of appreciation for one another and strengthen their marital bond.

11. The Sound Of Music

This heartwarming movie is based on the real-life story of a family of singers in Austria, right before World War II. Having lost his wife, the father hires a governess to care for his 7 children. The musical, loving woman who takes on this role brings a whole new light into this family’s life, right at a pivotal point in history when hope is most needed.

12. Overboard

After a heartless, rich woman falls off of her yacht and forgets everything, a revenge-seeking carpenter claims that she is his wife. Unable to remember her old life, she takes on the daily household duties of cooking, cleaning, and raising the carpenter’s unruly sons. Over time, she falls in love with the family she believes is her own. When she finds out the truth, she must choose between her old life of luxury and her new life of motherly love.

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