30 Interest-Based Christmas Gift Ideas For the Mom-To-Be In Your Life

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

If there’s an expectant mom in your life, you may be wondering what to get her for Christmas this year! Especially if this is her first baby, she will greatly appreciate a thoughtful gift from you that recognizes and honors her pregnancy journey.

While she may get lots of gifts for her baby-to-be, getting her something that is actually FOR HER will speak volumes to how much she means to you as a sister, daughter, or friend.

Here are 30+ excellent gift ideas for any pregnant mama, based on her unique interests!

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For the Mama Who Likes To Read:

1. What To Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff

This book has been popular for decades - and for good reason! It provides new moms (and dads) with a week-by-week guide of what to expect during pregnancy. There is so much helpful information packed into this book that any mom-to-be will be grateful to have it!

2. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin

If the expectant mom in your life is planning to have a natural birth, she will love reading this inspirational book. It will give her valuable tools to make it through labor, as well as encourage her that she is so strong, and she can do it.

3. Parents Magazine 2-Year Subscription

This monthly magazine can be a great resource for new parents-to-be. Based on scientific information, this magazine provides real-life advice on raising healthy, successful children. It’s the gift that will keep on giving!

For the Mama Who Likes To Write:

4. Bloom Daily Planners New Pregnancy & Baby’s First Year Calendar & Keepsake Journal

With this beautiful journal, a mama-to-be can document her pregnancy and plan for her baby’s first year of life. She can also include keepsakes that she will cherish forever.

5. Letters To My Baby Journal

Another awesome gift for a mom who loves to write is this journal with lots of pages for writing letters to her baby-to-be. Just think of how special it will be for her baby to read these letters one day!

For the Mama Who Loves Fashion:

6. Maternity Leggings

A few good pairs of maternity leggings are a MUST for pregnant moms. These are not only comfy, but super cute, especially in the wintertime paired with cozy sweaters.

7. Maternity/Nursing Shirts & Sweaters

If the mom-to-be you know loves fashion, she will adore these cute maternity shirts and sweaters! Choose one that best fits her style. The best part is that each of these maternity tops are nursing-friendly, so mama can wear these easily even once her baby is here!

For the Mama Who Needs To Get Comfy:

8. Pregnancy Pillow

If mama is struggling with comfort during her pregnancy, she’ll appreciate having a pregnancy pillow. She will be AMAZED at how much easier it is to get comfy at night and sleep well once she has a great pillow!

9. Boppy Pregnancy Wedge

Mom-to-be might want to get comfy without the bulk of a full-body pillow. If so, a Boppy Pregnancy Wedge might be just the thing for her!

10. Heating Pad

An electric heating pad can make all the difference for back and hip pain that expectant moms may face. Any mom would be thankful to have a great heating pad to help with recovery after her baby’s arrival, too!

For the Mama Who Needs To Be Pampered:

11. Bath Bombs

Mamas-to-be should relax and enjoy the last few months before taking on all the responsibilities of caring for a baby. Help her relax with some sweet-smelling bath bombs!

12. Bubble Bath

If the soon-to-be-mom in your life loves taking baths, get her some luscious bubble bath, too!

13. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils can be great for helping pregnant moms to relax and unwind. Check out this cute diffuser and essential oils set for pregnancy. (Disclaimer: Make sure the mom-to-be checks with her medical care provider before using any essential oils!)

14. Massage Lotion

This massage lotion is great for moisturizing dry skin, as well as for applying to that growing belly!

15. Favorite Salon Gift Certificate

If you know that the pregnant mama in your life loves to go to the salon, get her a gift certificate so she can go for free! Whether she loves getting her hair, nails, or eyebrows done, she’ll appreciate the opportunity to do so before embarking on the journey of motherhood.

For the Mama Who Loves To Cook:

16. Pregnancy Cookbook

Why not get her a pregnancy cookbook, filled with lots of healthy and delicious recipes? If cooking is her thing, she’ll love this cookbook!

For the Festive Mama:

17. Mama Bear Slippers

Does mama love slippers? Get her some cute mom-themed Christmas-y slippers like these! Bonus: they’re super soft and comfy.

18. Christmas Jammies

Another holiday-related idea is to get the expectant mom in your life a festive set of maternity pajamas.. Check out these candy cane striped ones!

19. Mama Blanket

A Chirtsmas-y mama blanket can be an adorable, cozy way to spread holiday cheer with a mom-to-be. You can customize this blanket with her name, baby's, and daddy's (plus any fur babies).

For Mama’s Health & Safety:

20. Safety Bump Belt

Have you seen this contraption before? It guides the seat belt completely below a pregnant mama’s belly and between her legs, so that the baby has less risk of being injured by the seat belt itself. (Disclaimer: Do your own research on this product. I am not an expert in crash test ratings or motor vehicle safety.)

21. Preggie Pop Drops

Most moms-to-be experience some nausea during pregnancy. Get some Preggie Pop Drops for the mama in your life to help ease her morning sickness, especially if she’s in her first trimester.

For the Photogenic Mama:

22. Pregnancy Milestone Stickers Up to 40 Weeks

Does the mama you know love to take pictures? If so, she’s probably planning on taking weekly pictures of her bump as it grows. Get her some cute pregnancy milestone stickers for her DIY bump shots!

23. Pregnancy Week By Week Photo Album

Along with those milestone stickers, consider getting the soon-to-be mom a pregnancy photo album to store her weekly photos for years to come.

24. Maternity Shoot Gift Certificate

Maternity photo shoots are tons of fun, but can be pricey. If you’re willing to spend a little more on the mama-to-be in your life, you might want to give her a gift certificate for a maternity photo shoot with a professional photographer near you. She will cherish those photos forever!

For the Mama Whose Baby Is Coming Soon:

25. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

If the pregnant mom in your life is nearing the end of her pregnancy, get her some red raspberry leaf tea. Drinking this tea daily is not only delicious, but can also help strengthen and prepare her body for giving birth. (Disclaimer: Make sure the mom-to-be checks with her medical care provider before drinking red raspberry leaf tea.)

26. Birthing Ball

A birthing ball can be a great tool for labor preparation, as well as for coping with early labor. Check out a few of the best birthing ball options here!

27. Body Casting Kit

Third trimester mamas often enjoy creating a keepsake of their pregnant belly. If you think the mom-to-be in your life would enjoy this, consider getting a body casting kit for her to try.

For the Mama Who Is Hard To Buy For:

28. Mini Baby Moon Gift Certificate

Some pregnant mamas are hard to buy for! A mini baby moon is always a good go-to option. Why not get the new parents-to-be a gift certificate for an overnight stay at their favorite bed and breakfast or nearby resort?

29. Favorite Restaurant Gift Certificate

Similarly, consider getting the mom-to-be in your life a few gift certificates to her favorite restaurants. Towards the end of her pregnancy, she may not feel up to cooking much!

30. Amazon Gift Card

Who doesn’t love an Amazon gift card? If you’re completely stuck on what to get her, you can never go wrong with a gift card that she can use for ANYTHING her heart desires.

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