5 Secrets to Crushing Morning Sickness

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

I had experienced nausea before becoming pregnant. Everyone has, right? You get the flu, you feel off for a day or two, and then it goes away.

But not with morning sickness. I had never experienced such intense and long-lasting nausea before. And I was desperate to relieve it!

Here are 5 secret nausea-crushers that did wonders for me while I was experiencing first trimester morning sickness.

#1. Watermelon

When I felt nauseous as soon as I woke up each morning, one of the only things I could stomach was watermelon. Its cool, crisp texture and mildly sweet taste calmed my irritable tummy.

I think there's also something to do with how it neutralizes the acids in your stomach. However it works, it's certainly worth a try if you're struggling with morning sickness!

#2. Greek yogurt

The thick creamy texture of greek yogurt was easier for me to eat than most other foods during my first trimester. It seemed that the hungrier I got, the more nauseous I felt. If I started to get even the least bit hungry, eating some greek yogurt kept me from feeling too nauseous, if I caught it in time.

#3. LOTS of Sleep

This may seem like a no-brainer, but seriously, your body needs a lot of sleep during those first 12 weeks! Give yourself as much rest as possible. You'll probably feel less nauseous after a nice nap.

#4. Staying Hydrated

Drinking water, juice, and Powerade worked wonders for me when I started feeling nauseous. Not drinking enough seemed to contribute to greater morning sickness, so I did my best to drink up. If you feel that nausea coming on, try rehydrating (just not too fast, or it might come back up on you).

#5. Popsicles

I went through lots of popsicles during the first trimester. I bought the real fruit kind, so they were at least somewhat nutritious, and eating them made me feel way less nauseous.

There were some days when I ate more popsicles than actual foods, but thankfully prenatals are there to cover the gaps in your diet until you feel well enough to eat well-balanced meals again.

Just remember, this stage won't last forever! You'll get through it and feel so much better, I promise. It will be so worth the end product.

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