Creating A Nursing Basket

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Planning to breastfeed? Then you'll want to get a nursing basket together, with a few handy essentials to have within arm's reach.

You might even want to put together a few nursing baskets, and then place them at each nursing station in your home (for example, one in the nursery, one in your bedroom, and one in the living room).

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(Aside from just a nursing basket, you’ll want these nursing station staples: a nursing pillow, comfortable chair or glider, phone charger, breast pump, healthy snacks, water bottle, small garbage can, baby blankets, and pacifiers nearby. Once you have these staples, you can get your basket(s) together.)

Here are the essential nursing items you’ll want in each basket!

Nursing Pads

Whether you prefer reusable or disposable ones, you’ll be glad to have these in your nursing basket for whenever you need to change them!


Nursing takes a toll on you in some pretty obvious ways… have some lanolin cream ready to help ease discomfort and promote healing.


If your baby has a tendency to spit up, or leak milk from their mouth while eating, you’ll want some bibs in your nursing basket. I love these ones!

Milk Storage Bags

If you want to take full advantage of your nursing sessions, while you nurse your baby on one side, collect milk from your opposite breast with a Haaka manual breast pump! Having some milk storage bags in your nursing basket will make it convenient to just dump the extra milk into a bag so you can save it for later.


Hydration is KEY when breastfeeding! Make sure you have some Pedialyte packets in your nursing basket so you can easily mix it in with your water and give yourself a hydration boost. Water alone is great, but doesn’t contain the electrolytes you need to maintain proper hydration when so much fluid is being taken out of your body daily.

Burp Cloths

After your baby eats, he or she will need to be burped. Don’t make yourself get up and hunt for a burp cloth - have some burp cloths ready to go in your basket.

Nail Clippers / Nail File

Baby’s meal times can be prime time for trimming their nails. Take advantage of their relaxed, occupied, and sleepy state by trimming those nails while nursing. If using nail clippers makes you leery, try filing your baby’s nails instead. Have some little nail files ready in your nursing basket!

Did I miss anything? Leave any other nursing basket essentials in the comments below!

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