DIY Nursery: Make Your Own Bear Tapestry!

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

I am loving the way my baby girl's bear-themed nursery is coming together! She's got most of the basics so far, a crib, dresser, bouncer, and some adorable wall decorations.

But there was still one big, obvious problem - an ugly fuse box on the wall, right in plain sight. I looked everywhere for some kind of wall hanging or tapestry to cover it up, but had no luck. So I decided to make my own! And you can, too.

I did some simple google searching for ideas, and came across an image of an adorable bear tapestry.

It looked pretty basic to me, so I decided that I could handle recreating it, with my own colors and personalized touches, without using a pattern. Here are the steps I followed to recreate my own version of this bear tapestry!

(Remember, as you recreate this, be creative and have fun with it! Use the colors and style you want, adjusting for size as needed.)

1. Measure the size of the space you want to cover.

My space was 17 inches wide by 38 inches long - pretty large!

2. Choose your colors.

I picked a couple blues, white, and grey with touches of black and pink.

Pick the colors you want! Choose a variety of differently textured yarns to make your tapestry even more artsy and interesting!

3. Get those extra "odd and ends" supplies.

If you don't already have it, get a crochet hook, a wooden dowel, scissors, a yarn needle, and some button eyes.

4. Choose your stitch and go!

Chain your first row to the width you want, then use the following stitch throughout: yarn over hook, into next stitch, pull through one loop, pull through two loops, pull through two loops.

5. Switch yarn colors when needed.

After a few rows of the first blue colored yarn, I switched to a darker, velvety blue yarn for a row to add some texture, then switched back to the first blue.

When you get to the top of the bear's head, switch to white yarn (or whatever color you've chosen for the bear) for a portion of each row. Increase the length of the white rows gradually to give the bear's head a good shape.

(Hint: You can refer to my picture below frequently to guesstimate how to recreate the correct proportions for the bear and its features.)

6. Add on the nose, ears, eyes, and cheeks.

After finishing the whole blue background and white bear head, create and add on the nose, ears, eyes, and cheeks. You can keep using the same crochet stitch used throughout for these pieces, while skipping and/or adding stitches as needed to get the correct curvature and shape.

7. Crochet the dowel holder.

I chose to use grey yarn for this part. Starting at the top of the tapestry, add an extra panel of 5 or 6 rows (using that exact same crochet stitch, as always) and then fold over the back and stitch into the back of the tapestry. This forms a little pocket that you can slip the dowl into, ensuring that the tapestry will stay flat against the wall and hang evenly.

(This is an element I thought of myself, and I'm so glad I did because it worked great!)

8. Add tassels.

Using the yarns from throughout the tapestry, create tassels that will be long enough to cover the remaining portion of the space you want to cover. For example, I needed them to be 10 inches long, so I cut 5 20-inch pieces of yarn for each tassel, then threaded them all through the bottom of the tapestry and tied them in a knot.

Make sure you know how much longer you need your tapestry to be, and use that to judge how long you should make your tassels. Use colors from the entire tapestry to tie it all together!

9. Hang your tapestry and enjoy!

This is the best part!

Congrats, you've created your own adorable bear tapestry for baby's nursery.

Here's how mine turned out!

Want to try this? Pin it for later!

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