How Pregnancy Has Affected My Marriage

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Pregnancy has been life-changing for me, and that means that my marriage has been affected, too. Here are the main ways that I have noticed my marriage has been influenced by pregnancy.

Seeing Each Other in a New Light

Now that we have a baby on the way, my husband and I see each other differently than before. We see each other as future parents, which is so exciting and scary all at the same time. We have a new kind of respect for one another and feel a new sense of purpose that didn't exist before finding out that we were about to become parents.

Learning Together

Pregnancy has given us the opportunity to learn together. We are learning about how the baby is developing, what we can do to ensure that he's healthy and safe, and what we can do beyond his birth to support his growth and development. This will be an ongoing process throughout our parenthood journey - constantly learning new things together.


This pregnancy has brought about a greater maturity in both of us. Our relationship is no longer just about the two of us - it's about our baby, too. As our little family expands, so will our responsibilities. We need to face them head on. Sometimes it's a hard pill to swallow that we have to "grow up" a little more. We will have to learn to deal with our disagreements in discreet ways that won't involve our child, rather than just hashing it out in the kitchen. Maturing our relationship hurts sometimes, like growing pains, but we always come out better for it.

Decision Making

Now that we have a little one soon to arrive, there are lots of decisions we've had to make. Where will the baby sleep? What will he eat? What are our plans for his delivery? How will we arrange child care? There are so many things we've thought about and decided together already, and so many more things that have yet to be discussed. Our decision making skills as a couple have been tested and strengthened, preparing us for the greatest challenge of all: parenthood.

Feeling the Pressure

Bringing a child into the world is wonderful, yet very stressful. We have felt the pressure on our marriage as we prepare for baby to arrive. There will be many more tests to come, but the more we make it through, the more confidence we have that we can make it through anything. Pregnancy creates greater financial pressure, as well as emotional pressure on the both of us. Still, we know it is making us stronger.

Knowing Our Lives are About to Change Forever

Once our little bundle of joy arrives, there will be no turning back. Our lives will be changed forever, as will our relationship. Change isn't bad - it's just different. This pregnancy has brought the reality that everything is about to change to the forefront of our lives. Now is the time to embrace that inevitable change and grow through it.

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