How to Recover a Baby Bouncer in 7 Easy Steps!

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

I love saving a few bucks wherever I can, especially when it comes to baby gear! I was given this jungle-themed baby bouncer, which I loved. But the theme didn't match with my baby's nursery, which is blue and grey woodland/bear-themed.

I decided to tackle recovering the bouncer so my baby could enjoy it AND it would match the nursery theme.

Here's a picture of the bouncer when I got it (my kitty loved playing in it, as you can see).

After a few hours, I had transformed this bouncer into a brand new cute creation! Here's the final product! Read on to find out how I did it, and how YOU can, too.

Step-by-step, here's how I gave the bouncer a complete makeover.

#1. Disassemble the bouncer.

I started by taking the bouncer apart, as well as I could. I unsnapped the baby holder and detached it from the seat. I took off the toy bar. The squishy fabric covering just had buckles in the back holding it onto the frame of the chair, so I unhooked it and removed it.

#2. Remove outer fabric layer.

At first, I had planned on just covering over the existing fabric with new fabric. However, I soon realized that this wouldn't work, since my new fabric was mostly white and I didn't want the old fabric to show through. My solution was to cut around the very edge of the old fabric, right where it attached to the layer that covered the underside of the seat (you don't see that anyway, so I left the underside fabric the same).

I also cut the old fabric out from the baby holder piece. This meant I had to remove all the little fabric trim, too. I slipped the fabric covering off of the toy bar and detached the toys.

#3. Cut new pieces out of the fabric of your choice, using the old fabric as a pattern.

Thankfully, I remembered to SAVE the old pieces of fabric and use those as patterns for cutting my new fabric pieces. I decided to use a sheet for the new covering, since it had the same colors as my nursery.

I simply laid the old fabric pieces on top of my new fabric and cut out around them. If you wanted to be more exact, you could pin the old and new layers together to prevent slipping while you cut.

Don't forget to cut new pieces for any fabric trim you may have removed from the bouncer!

#4. Hem around outside edges of new fabric pieces.

With my sewing machine, I sewed a half-inch hem around the edges of each new fabric piece. No rough edges allowed!

#5. Attach new fabric, following seams from the previous fabric.

I started with the baby holder part, since it's the smallest and seemed to be the easiest place to start. I sewed the new fabric piece onto the baby holder, and then attached the fabric trim (which I cut from a pillowcase).

The most challenging part of this was sewing around the buckles. I had to get close enough to them, but without accidentally sewing over them.

Once I had finished with the baby holder section, I started on the main seat portion. I carefully sewed on the fabric, following the seams from the previous fabric.

I also sewed the new covering for the toy bar and popped it on. Voila!

#6. Add your own personal touches.

You might have noticed that on the original bouncer, the pillow at the top was shaped like a lion head. I decided to transform it into a bear! i removed the lion covering and replaced it with brown fabric. I added ears, eyes, a nose, and a mouth, all hand-sewn.

Adding your own touch is so much fun, and can make the bouncer an even more special addition to the nursery!

#7. Hand stitch around the outside edges of the bouncer seat, then reassemble!

Even though I had used my sewing machine to attach the new fabric pieces on the seat, I also hand stitched around the outside edges so that the edges wouldn't stick out at all.

I also hand sewed the baby holder piece back onto the bouncer seat.

Finally, I placed the bouncer seat back onto the frame and secured it with the buckles. I put the toy bar back onto the bouncer, and attached the new bear pillow.

I'm so happy with how this bouncer turned out! If you have a sewing machine, a pair of scissors, and some free time, give it a try!

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