My Top 10 Favorite Pregnancy Snacks

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Throughout my pregnancy, there have been times when I could barely eat any full meals throughout the day, and other times when I have been hungry right after eating a full meal.

In both cases, I have relied on some of my favorite trusty snacks to get me through. For me, these 10 things have always hit the spot and helped me to get an extra boost of energy from (mostly) healthy foods. (I’ll save the less healthy, but still delicious, options for the end.)

Here are my top 10 favorite pregnancy snacks!

(Disclaimer: This is not intended to be dietary advice, as I am not a nutritionist. These are just snacks that I love, along with some commonly known information about them, based on my own experiences and opinions.)

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#1. Blueberries

This has by far been my number one pregnancy craving: blueberries! They’re sweet and delicious, as well as packed with nutrients and antioxidants.

I love to buy them in a big bag, frozen, so that I can pop some out of the freezer whenever I need a snack. I just defrost them in the microwave for a few seconds, so they’re still cold but not frozen solid. Frozen blueberries are cheaper than fresh ones, and they keep much longer, too (not that they ever last very long for me…)

#2. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a great pregnancy snack for me when I want something a little more substantial. The high protein content of greek yogurt helps to keep me full, and the calcium it’s packed with is great for baby’s bone development!

#3. All-Fruit Popsicles

I have really enjoyed 100% fruit juice popsicles throughout my pregnancy. During the first trimester, when I could barely eat anything, I was able to at least eat these popsicles. The Vitamin C in these popsicles will give your immune system a boost, as an added bonus. My favorite flavor is strawberry!

#4. Granola

Granola is crunchy, sweet, and filling, making it the perfect pregnancy snack throughout the second and third trimesters. I have loved eating granola in milk, mixed in with yogurt, or mixed in with cereal. Honey almond granola is the best kind, in my opinion.

#5. Grapes

Another snack I have loved to eat during my pregnancy is grapes! Since that sweet and crunchy combo has appealed to me so much while expecting, grapes perfectly fit the bill. Black seedless grapes have been my absolute favorite.

#6. String Cheese

Mozzarella string cheese has been another great snack during my pregnancy. It’s so portable, easy to just grab out of the fridge and take with me on-the-go. Rich in calcium and Vitamin D, string cheese a delicious and nutritious snack choice.

#7. Mangoes

You may be noticing that there are lots of fruits in this list of snacks. My baby clearly loves fruit! Mango is another fruit I have loved eating, whether it's fresh, frozen, or dried. The beta-carotene in mangoes (and other yellowish-orangish fruits and veggies) is essential for baby’s development, so I have always felt great eating these during pregnancy!

#8. Cheddar Chex Mix

Here starts the not-so-healthy snacks section. Chex mix is not the healthiest snack option out there, but moderation is the key. An occasional mini bag of Cheddar Chex Mix has hit the spot for me when I’ve wanted a crunchy, salty snack to mix things up a bit.

#9. Cheetos Puffs

I didn’t like Cheetos much before my pregnancy, but I’ve found Cheetos Puffs particularly appealing lately! Their soft, puffy texture and mild crunch make them the perfect occasional treat.

#10. Dove Dark Chocolate

Confession: I eat dark chocolate everyday. I know, it does contain some caffeine, so I eat it sparingly during pregnancy. However, dark chocolate in moderation may help to reduce blood pressure, as well as provide many other potential health benefits. Plus, it’s delicious!

Did I miss any of your favorite pregnancy snacks? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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