Newborn Daily Schedule

What does a newborn baby’s schedule really look like?

I just had my daughter a little over a week ago, and we’ve started settling into a daily routine. We don’t always follow the same schedule exactly, but as a general rule, we try to keep things consistent as much as possible.

My baby is breastfed on demand, so there are times she cluster feeds, resulting in longer feeding times. There are days we have visitors, or go do something as a family, and that all changes up the schedule, too.

But on any given regular old day, here’s what our newborn’s schedule looks like!

7-8am: feeding, diaper change, & dress for the day

8-9am: Dad plays with baby while Mom takes a shower and eats breakfast

9-10am: playtime with songs, interacting with Mom & Dad, or tummy time

10-11am: feeding & diaper change

11am-1pm: nap while Mom eats lunch (and sometimes naps, too)

1pm-2pm: feeding & diaper change

2pm-3pm: playtime with songs, interacting with Mom & Dad, or tummy time

3pm-4pm: feeding & diaper change

4pm-6pm: nap while Mom eats dinner

6pm-7pm: feeding & diaper change

7pm-8pm: bath or playtime

8pm-9pm: feeding & diaper change

9pm-10pm: last nap of the day while Mom takes a shower

10pm-11pm: feeding, diaper change, get jammies on, sing baby to sleep

11pm-2am: sleep (yay!)

2am-3am: night feeding & diaper change

3am-7am: sleep (yay again!)

And Repeat!

Having a general structure to the day helps me and my baby to know what to expect. It helps us feel secure and develop a sense of normalcy.

We are very blessed to have a baby that sleeps well, in large chunks. Every baby is different, and that means that every baby’s daily schedule will be somewhat different.

Leave your newborn’s schedule in the comments below!

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