Newborn Must Haves For First Time Moms

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

When I was preparing for my first baby, I wondered what I would actually need. Now that my little one is here, and almost a month old, I know what my newborn must haves really are!

These are things I use with my little one daily. If you’re wondering what to get for your baby-to-be, look no further! Check out these newborn must haves for feeding, sleeping, health, playtime, clothing, and taking walks.

For Feeding:

MAM Bottles & Pacifiers

These bottles and pacifiers are made for breastfed babies, so if you’re planning to breastfeed, you might want to give these a try. My baby tried several different kinds of bottles, and the MAM ones are her favorite. You can even unscrew the bottom for easier cleaning.

The MAM pacifiers work well for my baby, since they match her favorite bottles. Again, great for breastfed babies!

Nuby "Pacifinders" Pacifier Clips

Without pacifier clips, you’ll constantly be hunting for your baby’s pacifier. I love these cute clips that make newborn life so much easier!

Boppy Nursing Pillow(s)

I got three Boppy nursing pillows for my baby shower. That’s right - three! I didn’t know if I’d use them all, but once I had my baby, I was so happy to have multiple Boppys. I keep one in the living room, one in the nursery, and one in the car so that I don’t have to remember to bring one Boppy around with me. Instead, wherever I typically nurse, or if I need to nurse while we’re out, I have a Boppy pillow ready to go!

I’d recommend having at least one to make breastfeeding more comfortable. But if you can swing it, get a few and stash them wherever you may end up nursing regularly.


This little thing is amazing! When I nurse on one side, I put the Haaka on the other to catch the letdown from the opposite side. Just doing this, I can collect 2-3oz of breastmilk per feeding, which I use to build my freezer stash.

This little, inexpensive tool makes it easy to save extra milk, rather than wasting it in a nursing pad. If you’re planning to breastfeed, you’ll be glad to have a Hakka! You can also pump with it, or use it to relieve engorgement without creating an oversupply.


Along with breastfeeding comes soreness, especially during the first few weeks. Stock up on some lanolin ahead of time! The best part about this is that not only does it help with soreness, cracking, and bleeding, but it’s also safe for baby so you don’t have to wipe it off before feeding.

Prefold Cloth Diapers For Burp Cloths

These things are so cheap and so absorbent! Your baby is just going to spit up all over them anyway, so what’s the point of them being cute? These things work way better than any cute, patterned burp cloths.

For Sleeping:

Muslin Swaddles

From day one, my baby has loved being swaddled in these breathable, muslin swaddles better than any velcro swaddle or sleep sack. They’re big enough to actually swaddle a baby, plus super lightweight so you don’t have to worry about your aby getting overheated.

As an added bonus, muslin swaddles work great as nursing covers, too!

Hatch Sound Machine

I may not have bought this myself if I hadn’t gotten it at my baby shower, but I fell in love with it right away! This sound machine has several soothing sounds to help baby fall asleep and stay asleep. It also has a dimmable night light for nighttime feedings.

You can even download an app that allows you to adjust the sound and light settings from your phone. I love this because I can easily make adjustments while holding my baby.

Frida Baby Humidifier

My little girl has struggled with a stuffy nose recently, so having a humidifier in her room is a must! This one is cute and functional. You can also use it as a diffuser.

For Baby’s Health:

Baby Bath

Our baby loves taking baths! We love this mesh bath seat, which goes right in the tub. It’s collapsible for easy storage, too.

Aveeno Baby Lotion

This lotion is gentle and soothing for a baby with dry skin. Our girl had dry hands and feet when we got home from the hospital, but this lotion did the trick. Have some on hand before your baby arrives!

Baby Nail File

The thought of clipping a newborn’s nails is so scary! I feel better just biting my baby’s nails and then filing them. Get some nail files for your baby, too!

Baby Gas Drops

Little babies’ tummies can get very gassy, which can make the very fussy. When my baby girl started having tummy troubles from trapped air, we gave her some of these gas drops. These are great to have on hand for when your baby needs a little extra help getting gas out.

For Playtime:

Bouncy Seat

My baby loves to sit in her bouncy seat! It plays music for her and vibrates slightly while she bounces it with her movements. I love setting her in here while I cook dinner or clean my house, and she stays happy and safe.

Check out how I recovered my baby's bouncy seat to match her nursery:

How To Recover a Baby Bouncer in 7 Easy Steps

Boppy Newborn Lounger

This is another item I never would have thought to buy myself, but I am so glad that I got it at my baby shower! This newborn lounger, or “baby couch” and my husband and I call it, is a great place for a little newborn to hang out while she’s awake or napping. I’d never let her sleep in it unsupervised or overnight, but it is really nice as a comfy spot to set my baby down. She loves it!

I can easily set this lounger down in any room I’m in, and my baby can watch me or sleep peacefully in it. Plus, it’s so cute!

For Clothing:

Cloud Island Sleep & Plays

These sleepers are lightweight and breathable. They’re great for tummy time or just lounging throughout the day.


Carter’s Fuzzy Jammies

My little girl loves to sleep in fuzzy jammies! If you have a fall or spring baby, dressing them in warm jammies and then swaddling with a lightweight muslin swaddle can keep them comfy and at a good temperature throughout the night.

Goumijamms Baby Gown

This little sleep gown has been perfect for warmer nights, since it’s very lightweight and so so soft! It even has little flaps to pull over your baby’s hand if you’re concerned about them scratching themselves at night.

For Walks:

Ergo 360 Baby Carrier

This baby carrier is AMAZING! I love taking my baby for walks in it, whether outside in nature or inside a mall. She stays nice and cozy, close to me, while I can walk with hands free and her weight equally distributes over my shoulders and back.

It’s designed to be as comfortable and ergonomic as possible for mommy (or daddy) and baby. This carrier can be used for babies as small as 7lbs, which makes it ideal for newborns all the way through toddlers! You definitely won’t regret investing in one of these for your baby.

There you have it! These are the newborn must-haves that make this stage so much easier. Leave your favorite newborn product suggestions in the comments below!

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