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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

If you're pregnant right now, you're probably finding yourself spending a good deal of time at home. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives in some way, and that likely includes staying home and staying safe during your pregnancy.

You might also be starting to plan for what life will be like once your baby is here. If you're going to be staying home with baby, you might be looking for a legitimate way to make some money from home once that time comes.

If you're finding yourself with a lot of time on your hands and seeking a potential new income stream, consider starting a blog! While it will take some time (around 6 months to a year) before your blog will be profitable, it's a good time to get started while you're pregnant.

Maybe making an income from your blog isn't a must, but you just love writing. Blogging is a wonderful creative outlet, especially for a new mom who will probably struggle to find time for herself. Blogging can become your "thing" that you do as a form of self expression, and a way to make time just for you during the day.

Even better, blogging as a new mommy or mom-to-be can give you a platform to help other new moms who are at the same stage as you, or maybe a few months behind. You can help them know what to expect and how to deal with many difficulties they may encounter, just like you did. That in itself sounds pretty rewarding, right?

Here are 6 steps that will get you started on your blogging journey!

1. Choose a Host for Your Site.

The first step in creating your blog will be to choose a host, such as (which is the one that I use),, or

There are LOTS of options for site hosts to get started with. Check out a few online, compare prices and what they each offer, and then make your choice. I have loved using Wix for the past 3ish months since I started my blog. It's super user-friendly and fun to use!

Whichever host you choose, make sure there is an option for you to create your own domain. This will make your site appear more professional and be easier for potential readers to find. Make your domain the same as your blog title, which should reflect your personality and also describe what your blog will be mostly about.

You will have to make a small investment into getting your blog started, usually just a few dollars per month. I'd recommend getting a year plan right away, as this will likely get you a discount and help you have a little motivation to stick with it for at least a year.

2. Set Up Your Web Pages.

This step will be specific to the host you choose for your blog. In my case, Wix guided me through creating the Home Page, About Me, Blog Section, etc. on my site. Chances are that whichever host you choose, you'll get the guidance you need from them to get your site set up.

During the set up stage of your blog, you'll also likely get information on SEO (search engine optimization) on Google and how to link keywords or categories to each post you create. Pay attention to all this good stuff, as it will come in handy when you're trying to grow your blog's audience!

3. Start Writing Posts!

Once you have your site's main pages set up, you're ready to write your first post! It may seem intimidating to get started. You might think, "what should I even write about?" If you're choosing to go down the pregnancy/new mommy route like me, here are some blog post topic ideas to get you started before baby arrives! These can be entirely based on your personal experience, giving other mom-to-be a sneak peak at what they might experience, too.

  • Earliest Pregnancy Symptoms

  • First/Second/Third Trimester Symptoms/Appointments/Bump

  • Weekly Pregnancy Updates

  • Dressing the Bump Outfit Ideas

  • Nursery Design/Organization

  • First/Second/Third Trimester Must Have Products

  • Tips for Dealing WIth Any Bothersome Pregnancy Symptom (Heart Burn, Morning Sickness, Back Pain, etc.)

  • Baby Shower Planning

  • Baby Shower Alternatives (Due to Covid-19)

  • Coping With Pregnancy During a Pandemic

  • Choosing a Name for Baby

  • How Pregnancy Affects Your Friendships/Relationship

  • A Letter to Baby

  • Pregnancy Self-Care Tips

And the list could go on and on! it's limitless. Whatever you can think of, that you wondered before becoming pregnant or before a specific time in your pregnancy, write about it. Think of potential questions that new moms-to-be might ask, and answer those in your blog posts.

Just remember to use your own ideas when writing posts. It's okay to get inspiration and topic ideas from other blog posts (like this one), but from there, rely on your own experiences or those of other women in your family, friends, etc. The best blog content will be that which comes from your own creative mind and heart.

4. Promote Your Blog.

There are so many ways to get your amazing blog posts out there! I'm just going to name the few that I've been using, but with a little research you could find tons more, and then pick what works for you.

First and foremost, I have LOVED using Pinterest to promote my blog posts. I have gotten more traffic through Pinterest than any other medium so far! It's easy to use, and really fun, too. All you need to do is get a PInterest Business Account to get started with promoting your blog.

You're probably thinking, "But I'm not a business!" Well maybe you don't think of it that way, but if your blog could potentially generate an income one day, then it will be a business, in a sense. You'll want to get the PInterest Business Account now so that you can use Analytics features to see how your pins are performing, and possibly pay to promote certain pins.

I haven't actually felt the need to do any paid promotions for pins, but this can be an option for you if you want to take that route. Or, you can click the following link to check out how I organically grew my monthly viewers on Pinterest to over 100,000!

Once you have your Pinterest Business Account set up, start making pins for your blog posts, which you'll then post to PInterest. I love using the free version of

Click this link to learn more about creating beautiful, eye-catching Canva pins that will get you clicks on Pinterest!

Aside from PInterest, I also use Facebook to some extent to promote blog posts. For me, it doesn't seem to be as effective, as most of my Facebook friends are family members, friends, and acquaintances who don't fit the target audience of my blog, which is expectant moms. Still, I do share a few of my blog posts on Facebook, and I also post links to my blog as answers to questions asked in groups I'm part of.

The third way I promote my blog is by having an email list, which readers can sign up for when they come onto my site. This may or may not be included with your year-long site subscription through your host. (With Wix, mine is!) With my email list, I can easily send emails out to a community of engaged readers, prompting them to revisit my site.

5. Discover and Pursue Income Streams.

If you're looking to make some money from your blog at some point in the future, start looking now for ways you can make that happen. I'm still in the pretty early stages of this myself, but I have started working with the Amazon Affiliates Program, which gives me links to products I mention in blog posts. I receive a small commission when purchases are made through these links. It's worth checking out!

(EDIT: When I initially wrote this post, I hadn't yet made any sales through Amazon Affiliates. As of August 25th, 2020, I have made 2 sales! Yay! It's a small start, but hey, it's something!)

Another way I'm planning on generating income through my blog is via an ad network. I could have already applied for Google AdSense, as there is no minimum page view requirement to join. However, I am planning to wait until I qualify for the better-paying ad network called Mediavine. To me, I'd rather wait and generate a larger ad income each month than get a few bucks a month now from an ad network that may end up annoying my readers for more than it's worth.

Right now, my primary concern is generating quality content and getting it out there, and once I've got a strong readership, I'll focus more on my income streams.

In the future, I plan to form relationships with other bloggers who sell products or services that may appeal to my readers, which will allow me to receive commissions from them, as well.

There are tons of ways to generate an income from your blog! Do your research, see what's out there, and plan for the future of your blog.

6. Keep On Learning!

Whether you're just getting started with blogging, a few months in, or a few years in, there is always more to learn! The blogging world is constantly changing, and there are more and more ways everyday to better your blog! Just keep learning, keep seeking, and you will find the path to making your blog successful.

Now you know what you need to do! All that's left is to do it. Good luck on your blogging adventures.

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