Top 7 Second Trimester Must-Haves

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

If you've made it to the second trimester of your pregnancy, congrats! You made it through the turbulent and nauseous days of the first trimester, and your little baby bump is probably becoming more noticeable. You're probably getting all kinds of attention, from friends and strangers alike, about when you're due and what you'll name your baby.

(Psst... if you're trying to decide on a name, check out this article on how to choose a meaningful name for your baby:

The second trimester is sometimes called the "honeymoon period" of pregnancy. You probably won't have as hard of a time with this trimester as you did with the first, and yet you aren't feeling as large and uncomfortable as you likely will in the third trimester. So enjoy this sweet middle ground! But that's not to say you won't have some difficulties. Check out these top 7 must-haves to make the most of your second trimester.

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#1. Maternity Clothes

In the first trimester, you may have been able to get away with wearing your regular clothes. Chances are that by the second trimester, though, you'll need some extra space for baby to grow. It's time to invest in some maternity clothes!

If you're pregnant in the summertime, like me, you'll find that dresses are your best friend! They help you stay cool and looking cute at the same time. You'll also likely be able to wear dresses like the one below during postpartum and beyond.

You'll also want some comfy pants and basic tops to wear for the rest of your pregnancy. The ones below are great options!

#2. Tums

In my second trimester, I dealt with a lot of heartburn, acid reflux, and gas. Be prepared for this reality of pregnancy by stocking up on some Tums! The ones below have been a life-saver for me.

#3. Mouth Rinse

My second trimester of pregnancy left my mouth feeling sore. It's quite common for your gums to swell and become more sensitive during pregnancy, especially once the second trimester hits. Bumping your gums with your toothbrush or even scraping them with a popcorn kernel can leave your extra sensitive gums feeling sore.

Having some of this mouth sore rinse on hand will help you combat gum issues as soon as they arise!

#4. Nursing Bras

It may seem kind of early at this point to get nursing bras, but you'll probably be glad you got them early when your regular bras start feeling too small and uncomfortable. These ones are wireless and super comfy! Plus, you'll be all ready for feeding baby when the time comes.

#5. Lanolin

Along those same lines, you might notice breast changes in your second trimester that bug you even after getting bras that actually fit. Get some lanolin and use it to relieve that discomfort. Stock up so you have some for when baby arrives, too!

#6. Milk of Magnesia

Equally TMI is the possible need for constipation relief during pregnancy. There are a lot of constipation meds that you maybe used pre-pregnancy that are no longer safe for you to take while pregnant. Milk of magnesia, however, is safe during pregnancy and does the trick. It comes in pills and liquid form, but I prefer the liquid as it's easier to swallow.

#7. Lotion

Last but not least, you will need some lotion to use on your growing baby bump from here on out! You'll likely have dry and itchy skin caused by all the stretching that's going on. I love this Jergens lotion, which moisturizes and protects my skin from discomfort.

There you have it! Grab these essentials, and you'll be set for your second trimester. If you have other ideas of must-haves that got you through the second trimester, drop them in the comments below!

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