Which Cloth Pocket Diaper is Best: Alvababy or Nora's Nursery?

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

If you’ve been thinking about cloth diapering, chances are you’ve browsed Amazon’s selection of diapers at some point, and you’ve probably come across two popular brands of pocket diapers: Alvababy and Nora’s Nursery.

Before taking the plunge and choosing which brand you’ll build your diaper stash with, you may be wondering, “which one is better anyway?” Is there really much of a difference between them?

Now that I’m 4 months into my cloth diapering journey, I know which of these two brands of pocket diapers I prefer.

You may agree with me, or you may not, depending on what your priorities are when it comes to your diapers.

So here is my comparison of these two popular cloth diaper brands, based on how they rate in each of 6 categories: cuteness, fit, cost, durability, absorbency, and comfort.

(If you have no clue what this whole cloth diapering thing is about, back up and read my previous post:

Why I Love Cloth Diapering)

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#1. Cuteness

While both Alvababy and Nora’s Nursery have some cute prints to offer, Alvababy wins in the cuteness category hands down.

Alvababy has a much greater selection of prints on their diapers for boys, girls, and unisex styles. If you want a pineapple diaper, a fox diaper, a firefly diaper… you name it and Alvababy probably has it!

Nora’s Nursery, on the other hand, only offers a handful of different colors and prints, some of which are pretty boring.

Cuteness Winner: Alvababy

#2. Fit

Both Alvababy and Nora’s Nursery diapers have hip snaps, which I really appreciate. I like having that extra row of snaps to create a better fit around the baby’s legs and keep leaks at bay.

Some other cloth diaper brands I’ve tried, such as Bumgenius, do not have any hip snaps. I’m not a fan of those kinds of diapers. But that’s a post for another time.

The point is, Alvababy and Nora’s Nursery diapers provide a generally good fit for my baby. However, as my baby has grown, I’ve found that the Alvababy diapers have a more snug fit than the Nora’s Nursery diapers.

This was fine when she was just starting out in cloth, but now that she’s getting bigger and bigger I’m worried she’ll outgrow her Alvababy diapers before too long. I always find myself having to go up a snap size in the Alvababy diapers far before I have to go up a snap size in the Nora’s Nursery diapers.

If you have a smaller baby, you might like that the Alvababy diapers run smaller. But for my baby, who is wearing 12 month clothes at 4 months old, bigger is better.

Fit Winner: Nora’s Nursery

#3. Cost

Many parents choose to use cloth diapers in order to save money. No matter which cloth diaper brand you choose, you’ll save hundreds or even thousands of dollars compared to using disposables.

But if you’re looking to spend as little as possible on your cloth diaper stash, you’ll go for Alvababy. While Nora’s Nursery diapers aren’t a great deal more expensive, they will run you a few bucks more than Alvababy.

Low Cost Winner: Alvababy

#4. Durability

While Alvababy diapers do tend to be cheaper than Nora’s Nursery, are they equally durable?

From my experience, the answer is no. Nora’s Nursery diapers are worth that extra cost for me, because they are holding up better than my Alvababys, especially when it comes to pilling.

Take a look for yourself. Here’s a picture of the inside of an Alvababy diaper after a few months of use.

See all those little bumps? That’s pilling, caused by frequent washing. My baby isn’t bothered by it, but I am. The pilling makes the Alvababy diapers look cheap to me, especially when I’m showing off my cloth diapers to skeptics.

I want my diapers to look awesome inside and out when I’m defending them to family and friends who think I’m a little loony for going cloth.

Check out the inside of a Nora’s Nursery diaper below.

Now that’s something I love to show off! If you’re not as vain as me, you won’t care about the pilling issue. But to me, no pilling is a sign of good durability and quality.

Both brands of diapers have durable snaps, elastics, and outer coverings. No complaints there so far! Still, Nora’s Nursery has won me over in this category due to the lack of pilling.

Durability Winner: Nora’s Nursery

#5. Absorbency

When it comes to absorbency, the inserts that go inside of your cloth pocket diapers are what counts.

Alvababy diapers each come with two 3-layer microfiber inserts.

Nora’s Nursery diapers, on the other hand, each come with one 4-layer bamboo polyester/microfiber insert.

I have found that the Nora’s Nursery inserts absorb more wetness than the Alvababy inserts do. Plus, as an added bonus, the Nora’s Nursery inserts aren’t as bulky. However, I like to double up my inserts for extra assurance. But the kicker is that Nora’s Nursery diapers only come with one insert each! Thankfully, you can order more separately.

Alvababy diapers, on the other hand, come with two microfiber inserts each. This means I can double up without having to buy more inserts separately! The microfiber inserts don’t absorb quite as much, but they do suffice and rarely leak as long as I change the diaper every 2 hours or so. Plus, Alvababy has bamboo inserts available for an additional cost, if you want to upgrade to a more absorbent material from the get go.

Absorbency Winner: It’s a tie!

#6. Comfort

My baby seems comfortable in both Alvababy and Nora’s Nursery diapers for the majority of the time. The only time it seems to make much of a difference in terms of comfort is overnight.

Nora’s Nursery diapers have a thinner elastic in the back, so that when your baby is laying on their back overnight, it doesn’t irritate them.

Alvababys aren’t terrible in this sense, but they do have a slightly thicker, bulkier back elastic that can leave a red mark after a whole night of laying on it. Your baby shouldn’t be harmed by this, but may be too uncomfortable to sleep very long with a thick elastic digging into the small of their back.

Comfort Winner: Nora’s Nursery

All in all, based on the comparison categories above, I prefer Nora’s Nursery cloth pocket diapers. To me, comfort, durability, and a better fit are more important than cuteness or cost.

Try them and decide for yourself which brand is best! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Enjoy your cloth diapering journey!

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